1. I 'm about to travel abroad and I need foreign currency. Is it available and how can I order it?


The main currencies (U.S. dollar, British pound, Swiss franc, etc.) are available, only if your order is placed 1 day before execution.

You can place your order:

a) In our web site, choose "We Sell Currency" under the "Services" menu. There we provide you with all the necessary information for your order (rates, fees, etc.).
b) By calling one of our branches near you.

2. How can I return the ramaining currency after a travel abroad?


You can exchange the currency that leftover, by making your order:

a) from our web site. Just select "Buy Currency" under the "Services" menu. There we provide you with all the necessary information for your order (rates, fees, etc.).
b) By calling one of our branches near you.

We also buy coins of America and England (see list of coins).

3. I found some old foreign currency in my house. What can I do with them?


Kapachange is the only company in Greece, which buys almost all suspended currencies (under certain conditions). E.g. we buy Deutschmark issued in western Germany and later, Romanian lei, only in plastic form, Spanish peseta, etc.

4. In order to buy or sell foreign currency do I need to present a certificate, such as a passport or identity?


For the purchase or sale of any amount up to the equivalent of 15000 euro we must record a certificate (see list of acceptable certificatesInformation In order to buy or sell foreign currency the acceptable certificates are:

- Greek identification card
- Greek passport
- Identity of European Union Citizen
- Passport of foreign citizenship
- Residence permit for foreign citizens
- Greek refugee identity card
- Identification card of homogeneity
- Travel Documents
) as well as a copy of it. For amounts greater than 15000 euro, in addition to the above, it is required a document indicating the address of the client as well as the VAT number.

5. I want to invest in a currency with a view to growth prospect. Is there any limit to the sale of foreign exchange?


If you have presented the required certificates (see the previous question) there is no limit to the amount of exchange you can buy.

6. I have brought some foreign currency from abroad which comes from my professional activities. Can I get Foreign Currency Purchase Certificate in order to present it to the Treasury for arbitrary tax relief?


Kapachange issues Foreign Currency Purchase Certificates, only if the applicant presents the currency declaration form he filled when entering the country (usually from Athens International Airport - Spata).

7. What are the hours of operation of the company's branches?



Athens 39-41 Agiou Konstantinou 10437, tel. 2105234402 Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
Athens 33-37 Agiou Konstantinou 10437, tel. 2105247956
Monday-Saturday 10:00-18:00 
Sunday 10:00-18:00
Athens 12Α Omonoia square 10431, tel.2103257648
Monday-Saturday 08:30-20:30 
Sunday 08:30-20:30
Athens 1 Fillelinon 10557, tel.2103313830
Monday-Saturday 08:30-20:30 
Sunday 08:30-20:30
Athens 64 Πανδρόσου 10555, tel.2103214100
Monday-Saturday 10:30-18:30 
Sunday 10:30-18:30
Athens 32 Poseidonos coast & Leoharous 18531, tel.2104173369 Monday-Saturday 08:30-20:30
Thessaloniki 50 Venizelou & Egnatias 54631, tel.2310280145
Monday-Saturday 08:30-20:30 
Sunday 08:30-20:30
Patra 97 Agiou Andreou 26221, tel.2610622579 Monday-Saturday 08:30-20:30
Hania 6 El.Venizelou square 73132, tel.2821027430
Monday-Friday 08:30-21:00
Saturday 09:30-20:30 
Sunday 10:00-15:00
Irakleio 11 El.Venizelou square 11 71202, tel.2810342485 Monday-Saturday 08:30-20:30

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