About Us

About Us

Our company Kapa Change was founded in 1993 and in the same year the Central bank of Greece gave us the licence for currency exchange. (approval number by the currency committee of Central bank of Greece 09294/22-*031993 ).

We have 10 stores in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Patra, Heraklio Crete and also Chania Crete. Our stores are open from  Monday 08:30 untill Saturday 20:30, and some of them are open on Sunday too.

We buy and sell foreign banknotes, coins and outmoded currencies from almost all the countries of the world. In order to understand the variety and quantity of currencies we manage, if we count the different currencies we are trading including their subdivisions, the total currencies we are trading are more than 1000. This demonstrates the quality of the organization that is required, in order to manage such a big variety of currencies, without making mistakes.The fact that, from all  currency exchange offices and the banks of Greece, only Kapa Change and Nikias AE have the proper organization to do so, we think it means a lot!

For our company the profit is not everything. Customer service is of the same importance. Our customers know that whatever currency they have or whatever currency they want, they can visit Kapa change stores and find what they are looking for.

The services we offer to our customers are:

Kapa Change belongs to a group of companies that includes:

Due to the nature of Kapa Change operations, our company is exposed to the risk of money laundering(AML) and terrorist financing(CTF). In order to reduce the risk, we apply all relevant decisions of the banking and credit committee of the Central bank of Greece as well as the relevant laws and regulations.



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